Embrace the future with our state of the art communication solution

Multiple Offices Brought Together

Through the power of the Internet, your office, remote employees, and branch offices are connected into a single phone solution enhancing user experience.

Never Miss A Call With “Find Me/Follow Me”

Calls to your office extension route wherever you like: to phones across multiple locations, your home or cell phone, even back to your voicemail. It’s flexible and easy to configure. No matter where you are you stay connected to your employees and customers without them knowing you are out of the office.

Project Presence Anywhere

Get an area code for anywhere in the country you want to do business.

Unlimited Everything

No limits on voicemail boxes/recording length, auto attendants, conferencing or domestic / LD calling. Our solution even “bursts” lines so your customer will never get a busy signal.

Cell Phone Integration

Publish only one number on your business card. Save money and make it easier for customers to reach you.

Computer/Desktop Integration

Add contacts to your Outlook contacts and your PC will instruct your phone to dial the person by a click of the mouse. Your voicemail will automatically be sent to your email inbox.

Disaster Recovery

If you experience an outage at your office, regardless of the cause, our network operation center will immediately detect the problem and automatically take over as your phone system; and continue routing your calls.

Remote Extensions

Whether you are traveling or need to work from home, connect your office phone to a high speed internet and it becomes an extension of your system.

Powerful Features

  • Never get a busy signal
  • Never miss a call – the ultimate phone solution
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Integrate your phone voicemail and phone system with Outlook and your PC
  • Unlimited Conference Calling – communication on the go, wherever you are.
  • Disaster Recovery

Foothills NetCom offers a network that maintains communication with your system. Your system configuration is mirrored in the Data Center, which is immediately able to detect an equipment or internet service outage and immediately takes over when necessary

The Data Center houses all key call processing functions including inbound call distribution, auto attendant, unlimited voicemail, and conferencing.

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